The Benefits of a Finance, Real Estate, and Economics Degree Today

The Benefits of a Finance, Real Estate, and Economics Degree Today

College is a very new time for anyone. Students go through a lot of changes as they enter college. They are also forced to make some very crucial life decisions that they may not be ready to make. Luckily college has become a place where they can “find themselves”. As freshman year comes quickly slips by, students may not be sure what they want to major in, and that is okay. There is a lot of pressure on students to pick majors that they think will be the most lucrative and the most useful in the future.

Finance is a very popular major for students to pick because many people think that it is a safe major. But there are many more added benefits to majoring in finance than just being safe. Finance is a major that prepares students for the rest of their lives. The skills that students learn in finance will be carried out as they prepare to save their money for retirement, start to invest their money, and begin owning homes. Students may think during school that they will never use any of the things they learn in their future life, but this is not further from the truth. There are invaluable things that students learn in finance that other students do not get the opportunity to learn. The benefits of  a finance degree span many regions but Benadir University writes in its post on that there are five major benefits.

Another very useful major is real estate. Real estate is a less common major among business students than finance, but it is still very beneficial to students just out of college. College students pursuing a major in real estate will not only get lots of job offers after school, but will also learn about valuable real estate market trends. This is extremely important because many of the recessions in the past have been related to real estate how people did not know much about real estate and its trends. For example in the most recent recession in 2008, one of the main contributors to the recession was the housing market. As students become educated on market trends when they pursue a degree in real estate, they can learn the proper ways to invest their money in real estate. This will teach them ways to try and avoid bad decisions that can cause crashes. Lastly, with the recent crash, there have been many people who have left the real estate field to pursue other careers. This has a very positive added benefit for students to get a degree in real estate. There will be many job openings and places for students to go after they finish college.

Lastly, economics is an extremely useful degree that has gotten written off in recent years. People think that if they have a degree in economics and it’s not from the London School of Economics that it is useless. This could not be further from the truth. An economics degree provides students with personal development and professional development. On a personal level, it is very important to understand how the general market works with businesses. Similar to Finance, it also gives students a greater understanding of budgeting, money borrowing, and how to make financial decisions. Professionally, economics offers fantastic job flexibility. Students who pursue degrees in finance or real estate usually get jobs in those fields, but students with economics degrees can find jobs in finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and many other fields. Lastly, to assuage some students fears about the lack of jobs available for students with economics degrees students, the graph below shows that they make very good starting salaries.  For these reasons economics is a very beneficial degree for a student to have when graduating college. payscalemajors


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